Giresun GoTürkiye

Pearl of the Black Sea  

Giresun, the pearl of the Black Sea region, is a beautiful coastal city where green and blue converge. In Giresun, which is located on the peninsula extending towards the sea, you can see every shade of green and have the opportunity to be in touch with nature in the plateaus. You can experience unforgettable moments while watching the waves splash on the shore along the long coastline.

The name of Giresun used to be «Kerasus» in ancient times. According to one of the sources, the etymology of the name refers to «Cherry», which grow abundantly in the vicinity; while another source claims that it has derived from the word «keras» which means «horn» because the peninsula stretches like a horn towards the sea. Giresun hosted Romans, Byzantines, Greeks, Çepni Turkmens, Genoese, and on 15 August 1461, Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered the city, annexing it to the Ottoman territory.

If you happen to visit Giresun in July, you can taste cherries in their homeland. It is considered that the first cherry tree was brought to Europe by the Roman King Lucullus from Giresun.

Giresun offers its visitors many alternatives in terms of tourism with its geographical location, mild climate in the coastal areas and continental climate in the inner parts, being suitable for all kinds of winter and nature sports, historical richness and natural beauties, as well as handicrafts, fishing and hunting opportunities, and plateaus as green as emeralds.